Aqua Feed Supplemet

SP Zeolt (Ecofriendly biodegrable microbes with natural zeolite)

As Fish feed, they naturally create ammonia that can quickly contaminant a confined Aquatic habitat because of higher content of organic load is the major concern to proliferation Of pathogenic bacteria which creates anaerobic condition and produces toxic gasses.

  • 1. For shrimp: prevention : 10 to 20 kgs/per acre. Trearment 20 to 30 kgs per acre
  • 2. For fish : 10 to 15 kg per acre or as directed by the aqua consultant.
Pack size: 25kgs

SP Min V (Ca2+, Mg2+)

SP Min V is the best soluble forms of essential minerals, amino acids and ions (Calcium, magnesium, potassium, chlorides, sulphates, iodine and ferrous etc.) Predominantly useful for shrimp to absorb directly from the gill.

  • 1. Regular use: 10-15kgs per hectare every fortnight.
  • 2. During molting and soft shelling: 15 to 20 kgs per hectare during sunny day.
  • 3. phytoplankton bloom and water preparation : 10 to 20 kgs per hectare.
Pack size: 20kgs

SP Fresh (BKC 50% or 80%)

SP FRESH helps the growth and increase the body weight of shrimp and prawns by accelerate periodical moulting and good sanitization.

  • 1. 500ml per acre.
Pack size; 1 litre

SP Binder (Protein Gel)

SP binder is an excellent binding agent to use feed additives in powder forms Minerals, feed probiotics and antibiotics with good nutrient value. Protein based Feed attractants with binding agents good supplement for feed additives to Prevent wastage of active ingredients.

Pack size: 5 litre & 20 litre

SP yucca (100% plant extract)

SP Yucca is the blend of selected plant extracts which can relieves the animal from stress by removing Ammonia, Nitrate and Sulphides from the pond.

  • 1. 500 gms to 1000 gms per Hectare
Pack size: 500 Gms & 1000 Gms

Pro Soli & Water (Soil and water probiotics)

A unique blend of biodegradable microbes (Bioremediations) to reduce the organic load Pathogenic bacteria removal of undesirable waste compound in the pond. Cleans the pond Bottom and removes bad odour.

Oxidizes ammonia to from Nitrites and Nitrates

  • 1. 500gms to 1 kg per hectare or based on pond condition.
Pack size: 500 Gms & 1 kg

Oxylife (To Control the dissolved oxygen)

Dissolved oxygen is the most deciding parameter in any Aqua culture success Levels below prescribed limits can not only effect the growth but can also prove to Be fatal. Calcium peroxide or sodium perforate oxygen release properties make It an ideal cost effective and natural alternative for use in aqua culture for enhancing Dissolved oxygen levels

  • 1. 200 to 500 gms per hectare
Pack size: 1 kg

SP Pro Gut (Gut Probiotics)

SP pro gut is a beneficial feed supplement probiotics to improve digestion, Weight gain with good FCR.

Protects shrimp from different diseases by maintaining healthy environment in gut region

  • 1. 2 to 5 gms per kg of feed
Pack size: 500 Gms & 1 kg

Pondon (lodine-2%/20%)

Pondon is a unique powerful sanitizer which is capable of safeguarding the prawn Shrimp and fish from various fungal, bacterial, viruses and protozoa infections.

Efficient in controlling of all kinds of gill diseases, appendages and tail diseases Of shrimp and prawn.

  • 1. As consulted by the Qaua culture consultant and based on pond condition.
Pack size: 1 litre


HARD CURE is a unique blend of compounds which can reduce the heavy metal pollution, Hardness and alkalinity problems in the pond. EDTA has the capacity to chelate all positive ions especially calcium

  • 1. 1kg per hectare or based on pond condition.
Pack size: 1 kg & 5 Kg

SP Min Gel

  • 1. Acute conditions : 5 ml/kg of feed

SP Pro Water (Water probiotics)

SP Pro water is a unique probiotics which can reduce the gases like hydrogen sulphide Ammonia and foul odour build up in the pond and improve the water quality of their Environment. Reduction of pollution in water and pond bottom establishing a healthy System. Neutralises the effect of hydrogen sulphide and ammonia changes the disturbed Water colour to good bloom.

  • 1. 1ltr/acre or advised by aqua consultant
Pack size: 5 litres& 20 litres

SP Booster

SP Booster is a mixture of natural enzymes, group of natural digestive enhancers and flavouring substances which can increase the digestibility of prawns/fish.

Improves feed conversion and growth rate for better animal performance Increase shrimp growth performance through increasing digestibility of foods Improve feed intake by enhancing enzyme secretion and increased breakdown of nutrients Gut protection by stabilizing gut micro flora Composition: A unique blend of herbs, essential oils, Enzymes and Vitamins

Composition: A unique blend of herbs, essential oils, Enzymes and Vitamins
  • 1. 1.5 to 2.5 gms/kg feed
Pack size: 1 kg

SP Gut Acid

Mixture of organic acids works to improve feed hygiene, through the reduction of pH and buffer Capacity, and controls bacteria such as E.Coli, Salmonella. This prevents the spoilage of compound feed while maintaining its nutritional value and extending shelf life

  • 1. 5 ml per kg feed
Pack size: 500 Ml & 1000 Ml

Hepatocare SP

Liver plays key role in several important metabolic functions process in Fish and Shrimp. So liver protection is an essential tool in achieving high performance .Hepato pancreas an organ that combines liver and pancreas together along with some digestive and absorptive functions in Shrimp. Hepatocare SP specially designed for active prevention of liver damage.

Composition: Naturally occurring cell wall components and group of flavonoids

  • 1. 10 to 15 Gms/Kg feed
Pack size: 1 Kg


Vita ‘C’ Life is specifically recommended for improving vitality to withstand stress and disease. Improvement in overall health condition.

  • • Reliable water stability
  • • Uniform mix ability
  • • Optimum bioavailability
  • • Ensures prime health
Composition: vita ‘C’ life contain of ascorbic acid embedded in an exceptionally stable phosphate base.
  • 1. As recommended by the aquaculture specialist for specific usage and directions.
Pack size: 500 Gms& 1000 Gms

Pondon Spectrum

Highly effective in fish nursery
  • • Powerful sanitizer
  • • Controls bacterial and protozoal infection
  • • Arrests propagation of secondary infection
  • • Offers comprehensive protection
  • • Nonyl AlkylPhenoxy poly Ethylene Oxide iodine complex providing available
  • • Iodine 20%
  • • Elemental potassium 1.18%
  • • Benzyl chromium chloride 50%
  • 1. Recommended by the aquaculture specialist for specific usage and directions
Pack size: 1 Litre

SP BIO pH (Water test kit)

For on spot precise determination of water PH.