SP Biosciences has been growing speadily in Indian market.

Building trust in seafood

A warm welcome from the SP Biosciences, A company started with humble beginnings in the Animal health care industry for the manufacturing, marketing and servicing for the AQUA, Poultry And Veterinary.

SP Biosciences has developed feed additives which can promote healthy growth, improve production quality and create better economic benefits.

SP Biosciences has introduced nutritional and medicinal products for improving animal performance, health and quality of food.







Welcome to SP Biosciences, Hyderabad, Telangana.

SP Biosciences is a company producing Fish feed, feed supplements and chemicals for Poultry, AQUA and Veterinary in India since 2013.

The management of the company is led by professionals who among them have more than 15 years of experience in their respective fields.

SP Biosciences has been growing steadily in Indian market.

By introducing Poultry, Aqua and Veterinary Feed, Feed additives and chemicals in 2013

Managing Partner Mr. Veer Kumar having vast experience in both Poultry and Aqua sector entered business with a Technical advisor Dr. K. C. Patra, BDM-BIOMIN, a close friend and PhD in Marine Sciences whose vision and moral support resulted in the progress and diversify of this institution of business. He is the inspirational leader and catalyst to Aqua business growth.